If you have a specific goal you are trying to achieve, like reduced stress, increased energy, better focus, an online breathing class with Jason Samadhi, Samadhi Breath can help. Health benefits of breathwork include:

  • Breathing problems such as asthma
  • Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea
  • Anxiety, stress, or depression
  • Grief, anger, or resentment
  • Loss of direction, purpose, or intention
  • Inspiration, motivation, or creativity
  • Or, just create an experience of inner bliss!
An Online Breathing Class to Increase Your Energy, Health and Well-Being

During breathwork, you can increase your energy and help you focus on the good feelings by releasing serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine (the feel good chemicals of the brain).

By using the power of your breath you connect the dots between science and the metaphysical through the physiology and of rhythmic breathing, breath retention, and transcendental meditation.

Breathwork Online Class uses ancient breathing techniques and modern science to increase your energy, health, and well-being in minutes.

Use pranayama rhythmic breathing and kumbhaka breath retentions to increase your energy and help you focus on the good feelings necessary to manifest your intention positively. As well, deep breathing calms your nervous system, increases cognitive function, and raising your energetic vibration.

Online Breathing Class with Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT)

Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) is a medically approved therapy with instantaneous health benefits.

The latest research shows that intermittent hypoxic training during breathwork, where you create brief periods of low oxygen levels, produces almost instantaneous results.

You are stimulating stem cells, triggering them to move around the body to places where they can heal and regenerate healthy cells in your body.

Create Heart-Mind Coherence in this Online Breathing Class

Slowing down your breath and focusing on a consistent rhythmic breathing, you create more coherence between your heart and mind. By creating heart-mind coherence, you can feel more confident, focused, positive, and motivated.

Creating heart-mind harmony triggers a brain wave state that sends healing chemicals from the brain throughout your body. Health effects include releasing anti-aging hormones, chemicals to heal immune responses, and heightened focus and clarity of thought.

While cultivating heart-mind coherence and conscious awareness, you can use these ancient breathing techniques to still your mind and focus your attention.

Experience an Online Breathing Class for Yourself

If you’d like to experience this powerful medicine for yourself, I’d like to invite you to come breathe with us, live on YouTube, Sundays at Noon (Puerto Vallarta, UTC-6).

Join us for an online breathing class and guided meditation and use ancient breathing techniques and modern science to increase your energy, health, and well-being in minutes.

About Jason Samadhi, Samadhi Breath, Certified Breathwork Facilitator and Spiritual Life Coach

Hi, I’m Jason Samadhi, an expat living in Mexico. While living in Mexico, I have experienced several ancestral medicines. Finally, I realized that the breath brought me to the most potent medicine always available within. Feeling called to share this treasure with the world, I became a certified “SOMA Breath” breathwork instructor.

Join me this Sunday at noon (UTC-5, 12PM EST) for an online breathing class and guided meditation, live on YouTube. Namaste, Jason

Jason Samadhi