Have you been on a spiritual healing journey for a while and feel like you fell off the wagon?

The last couple of years have been intense for all of us, and with everything going on, it sometimes feels a little stressful and anxious, and maybe you feel like you kind of fell off your path.

Maybe you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while, and you can just let your meditation slide, or you feel like you need a reboot. I can relate.

How to Start a Spiritual Healing Journey

A Spiritual Healing Journey—My Story of Transformation

Hi, I’m Jason Samadhi, the founder of Samadhi Breath and certified “SOMA Breath” instructor. I want to tell you something a little about my spiritual healing journey.

I came to Mexico about four and a half years ago. And at the time that I left the United States, I was just at my wit’s end, and I was traveling around California, just trying to survive.

And when I came down here, I just wanted a quiet place where I could work on my projects and get some peace. Along this journey, I’ve had many experiences, including five ayahuasca ceremonies, a lot of personal learning, personal growth.

How to Start a Spiritual Healing Journey

A Spiritual Healing Journey is More than Just “Good Vibes”

And I just sort of forced myself to dive in and do the internal work. I had to get over the mindset of being a victim of childhood trauma, including childhood sexual abuse.

I had to get over the mindset that I wasn’t worthy enough or that I wasn’t good enough. My stress and my anxiety would build up in moments of conflict. And I would explode. It’s something that I’ve had to work on most of my adult life.

And as I’ve gone through my spiritual healing journey, I’ve learned a few key things that have become central to my life. The first that is for me, spirituality, isn’t about all good vibes and perfect days. It’s not like that.

Yes, it’s the desired goal, but I believe that I am my own best medicine with loving awareness, I create my reality, and that if I want to create a life I love, I have to do the work. That means I had to go in and do shadow work, and I had to be honest with myself and look at what needed to be healed and transformed.