Building a gay men’s spiritually health community is by no mean’s an easy task—especially amidst a gay culture that traditionally doesn’t always cultivate inner strength or foster conscious community.

Back in 2015, when I had my “dark night of the soul” and started my spiritual healing journey, to my awareness there were not that many “new-age” spiritually focused online resources for gay men. I’m sure they existed, I just was not aware of them.

Certainly since the early 1980’s, during the height of the AIDS pandemic, I am confident many spiritually-focus communities for gay men existed to support those who were sick, or dying from AIDS, and the men who have survived that pandemic.

And then in 2020, came the COVID pandemic.  With the quarantines and lockdowns, many of us suddenly found ourselves at home alone for hours, days, weeks and even months on end. 

COVID suddenly gave all of us a lot free time, space, and energy to go inward, to reflect, and start down the path of spiritual healing.

I believe some have even termed it the “great awakening.” For a moment, the entire planet took a pause, a deep inhale. We held our breath, and we waited.

For some of us, including myself, while not necessarily impacted by the COVID virus directly (that I am aware of), the pandemic took a deep and emotional toll.  With long periods of social distancing, isolation, and quarantine, I found myself very depressed, craving connection with others.

While I had already begun my journey of spiritual healing, it seemed as I started searching for other like-minded men, I quickly discovered I wasn’t the only one. I quickly discover there are more gay men in the world like me, lots of them!

Now, admittedly, I can’t confirm if these resources emerged because of the COVID pandemic. I can say though, with a certain degree of confidence, the experience of the last two years has surely catapulted their necessity and growth.

1. is an online portal and gay men’s spiritually healthy community that value self-care for ourselves, and others. Gay Wellness is an online platform that connects clients with quality gay massage therapists and wellness practitioners.

As their website states, “it is still easier for a gay men to find a date than to find quality quality gay practitioners.” is an online platform that values authenticity and professionalism. All practitioners are carefully selected with an emphasis on mutual consent, transparency and professionalism.

Founder, Peter Dewitt explains, ” it’s natural for a gay or queer man to want to work with another gay or queer man because the trust and connection is inherently built-in.” offers plenty of useful events, tips, and guidance on many wellness topics relevant to the gay community. The online portal focuses on consciousness and wellness for gay men with an approach that is both tasteful and professional.

Whether your looking for a treatment with a gay wellness professional or your are a practitioner looking for a conscious wellness space, I highly recommend join the community at

2. The Gay Men’s Brotherhood

The Gay Men’s Brotherhood is a conscious gay men’s spiritually healthy community that helps men connect with each other on the journey to healing from shame to becoming more authentic and aligned to their truth.

Their thriving Gay Men’s Brotherhood private Facebook group includes thousands of gay men seeking personal development and conscious connection.

The group aims to offer inspiration, support, connection, healing, and a safe place to show up just as you are.

As well, they have a weekly podcast that covers topics ranging from emotional health, spirituality and integrative sexuality.

Their Gay Men’s Going Deeper podcast covers a range of topics including personal development, spirituality, sexuality, and mental heath.

Founded by Calan Breckon, Matt Landsiedel and Michael DiIorio, their vision is for the members to learn to feel more comfortable showing up vulnerably so deeper intimacy can be established in our community.

3. Ecstatic Self by Kae Strouse

Kae Strouse at Ecstatic Self, is spiritual life coaching. His coaching services cover a range of spiritual development topics geared toward gay men’s spiritual development, health, wellness, and integrating sexuality with sensual spirituality.

With over fourteen years of experience teaching meditation, spiritual arts, connection, and communication around the globe, Kae approaches each topic with a professional and tasteful style, and a sense of humor that is approachable and leaves you pondering your own inner development.

Start by checking out the Ecstatic Self YouTube channel and then visit his website if you’re interested in working with Kae.

An ecstatic style uniquely his own, trust me when I say, once you start watching Kae’s videos, you’ll easily find yourself in a day long “YouTube and Chill.” 

As well, he hosts a guided meditation each Sunday on YouTube and cultivated a community of like-minded gay/queer/bi/transgendered men all on the path to authentic and ecstatic living.

Kae Strouse is the author of Journey to the Ecstatic Self (a workbook for settling into your skin, cultivating authenticity, and reconnecting with your radiant self) and the gay fantasy novel I Dreamt of Flight.

Cultivating a Gay Men’s Spiritually Healthy Community

Cultivating a gay men’s spiritually healthy community, heck cultivating community in general, is not an easy task. Gay culture, in some ways, can be full of emotional and mental landmines that do not always support personal development, let alone a conscious, connected, and loving community.

Courageously and ecstatically, the men at Gay Wellness, the Gay Men’s Brotherhood and Ecstatic Self work tirelessly with loving awareness to build a gay men’s spiritually healthy community that represents the other side of gay culture: inner strength, authenticity, vulnerability, courage, and love.