Creative life-force energy uses the power of your breath to leverage your sacred sexual energy for transformational healing. Unleash your full potential to give you the confidence to live your best life in ecstatic bliss and heart-centered, loving awareness.

In this video, you’ll learn a simple deep breathing technique to use your creative life force energy to awaken your full potential.

Often, many of us don’t pursue our creative interests out of fear because we’re worried about what other people think, that we’ll think we’re not good enough, we’ll tell ourselves we’ll look funny, or that people laugh at us.

But, here’s the thing. I believe what other people think of you is not your problem. What do you think of me is not my problem.

Tap in to Creative Life-Force Energy and Unleash Sacred Sexuality

Creativity life force runs through all of us; it runs through everything, all of us are creative.

Creativity comes down to how we solve the problems in our life. The solutions we come up with to solve life’s problems.

Some people have what we traditionally call creative talents. This is true. Artists create amazing things all the time. Sometimes it’s an inherent gift, whether it’s with music, dance, singing, you know, talented, creative stuff exists in the world, of course. It’s a talent, which means they did a lot of practice to get good.

And, I don’t believe practice makes perfect. I do think practice makes great. And then we get great prolific artists in the world.

I also believe that you are your own medicine, and you create your reality. So why not create a life you love? And why not do that with something that you love from the heart?

Tap in to Creative Life-Force Energy and Unleash Sacred Sexuality

Use the Power of Your Breath to Activate Your Creative Life-Force Energy

And so creativity, in this context, I’m talking about your creative life-force energy. So what does that mean?

Your creative life force energy from the esoteric, shall we say, from a hippie-dippie point-of-view, is the energy that comes from your Sacral Chakra.

And it is that spark that energy that allows us to be creative when it moves through the body. In other words, if you’re making babies, from a physiological standpoint, this is the energy you use to create life.

But if you’re not creating a life, you’re not making babies, what do you do with that energy? Well, short of the obvious, you can use that energy to create anything else, along with intention. So how do we do that?

We can start by controlling our breath. By focusing on our breath, and an intention, we get into that heart center. And from the heart, to be in service, not just to express ourselves, to give back to the world.

When we drop into that space, it’s much easier to get focused and clear when we’re doing something from love. Or, as Ram Dass called “loving awareness.”

When we focus and slow down our breath, we move from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system; we’re actually just carrying an electrical charge throughout the body. The body is electric.

When you move that electrical energy up the vagus nerve and up into the heart center, the throat, and then into the midbrain, you’re literally moving the electrical charge up to the pineal gland. There are tiny crystals on the bottom of the pineal gland.

And when we’re coherent with our breath, charging the pineal gland, we start to release healing chemicals through the body from the midbrain, including melatonin, serotonin, and DMT.