Breathwork to Unlock Your Potential

Master Your Breath, Master Your Life

Unlock your potential, improve your health, and increase your energy in minutes leveraging the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet—your breath.

Benefits of Breathwork to Unlock Your Potential

Become Healthier, Happier & More Inspired

Simply using the power of your breath can provide radical healing transformation in the following areas:

Breathing Problems Such as Asthma

Sleep Disorder Such as Sleep Apnea

Anxiety, Stress or Depression

Grief, Anger, or Resentment

Loss of Direction, Purpose or Intention

Inspiration, Motivation or Creativity

Or, You Simply Want to Feel Inner Bliss!

Samadhi Breath, Unlock Your Full Potential

Transform your life using the power of your breath.

Samadhi Breath provideds in-person and breathwork online classes to help you unlock your full potential and breathe your bliss to create a life you love.

Samadhi Breath Personal Breathwork Healing Session  to Unlock Your Potential

Book a One-on-One Breathwork Session

A one hour, Samadhi Breath Personal Breathwork Healing Session provides one-on-one safe space for you to shed old emotional and physical imprints and restore inner peace. Available online via Zoom (or in-person here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico).

1-on-1 Sessions via Zoom (In-Person, Puerto Vallarta)

Samadhi Breath, 7-Week Intensive Breathwork Journey  to Unlock Your Potential

7-Week Intensive Breathwork Journey

During a Samadhi Breath, 7-Week Intensive Breathwork Journey, you’ll use ancient breathing techniques,  modern science, and seven chakra activation for transformational healing—mind, body & soul.

Online via Zoom
(In-Person, Puerto Vallarta)

Samadhi Breath, Men’s Healing Circle to Unlock Your Potential

When we breathe together, we heal together.

Men Breathe Together is a safe-space men’s healing circle to connect, share, and heal through the power of breath.

At Samadhi Breath, we believe when men breath together, we feel together, and heal together. It is everyone’s birthright to achieve holistic health and happiness. We also believe you shouldn’t have to struggle alone to achieve it.

 Men Breathe Together created for men who identity as gay, bisexual or transgendered it is open to all men who are seeking community around healing physical, emotional and even spiritual traumas. But, ALL men are welcome— regardless of your sexual orientation.

As a safe space, global online commmunity, Men Breathe Together support all men who are in the inward journey of self-healing and development and foster a community of strength, courage, compassion, and understanding.

Experience an easy and effective way to achieve optimal health and deep fulfilment with the support of a global community.

Join Our Global Community, Men Breathe Together

The Samadhi Breath Store

Experience breathwork at home or on the go.

Experience breathwork at home or on the go with guided breathwork meditations by Jason Samadhi, founder of Samadhi Breath and certified SOMA Breath® instructor.

Breathwork for Increased Energy

30-Min. Self-Guided Breathwork for Energy

In this 30-minute, self-guided, Breathwork for Increased Energy you’ll take advantage of the link between your breath and your autonomic nervous system to help calm you down, balance your mind, enhance your focus, and increase your energy in minutes.
Price: $37/USD
(Video & Audio Download)
Samadhi Breath, Self-Guided Breathwork for Relaxation

45-Min. Self-Guided Breathwork to Relax

The next time you’re feeling anxious, try this 45-minute, Samadhi Breath, Breathwork for Relaxation. Deep abdominal breathing (or diaphragmatic breathing), can reduce stress and anxiety by getting you in a more relaxed state.
Price: $37/USD
(Video & Audio Download)
Breathwork for Healing and Transformation

50-Min. Self-Guided Healing Breathwork

During this 50-minute, self-guided, Breathwork for Healing and Transformation, you’ll re-establishes your connection to your body, mind and spirit to release of endorphins for increase pleasure, healing, and an overall enhanced sense of well-being.
Price: $47/USD
(Video & Audio Download)
Samadhi Breath 7-Day Breathwork Experience

Self-Study Breathwork Masterclass

During the Samadhi Breath, 7-Day Breathwork Experience Masterclass, you’ll tap into your full potential using the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet—the power of your breath.

Price: $297/USD (Save $93)
(7-Day Masterclass)

Samadhi Breath, Breathe Your Bliss

Who is Jason Samadhi?

Hello! I'm Jason Samadhi, founder of Samadhi Breath, Certified "SOMA Breath®" Instructor, artist, designer, blogger, and mindful expat living in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I believe YOU are your own medicine and YOU create your reality. So, you might as well breathe your bliss and create a life you love!"
SOMA Breath

What the Samadhi Breath tribe is saying

❝ What a great session again today! I recommend this to anyone as Jason is a wonderful guide for this breathwork. I left the last session tranquil and at ease, with a feeling of health and vitality through out the rest of my day. I look forward to some one-on-one work with Jason to fit my specific goals. ❞


Calgary, Canada

❝ I experienced happy emotions for about two weeks after my first breathwork session. There wasn’t anything else happening in my life that had stirred up such feelings of hope and joy. Jason’s calm and encouraging demeanor made this newbie to breathwork a welcoming and enjoyable life-changing event. ❞


New Jersey, USA

❝ My breathwork experience with Jason was incredible. I was able to reach a great meditation and energetic development in my whole body. I was able to connect my mind with my body energy by merging them and feeling a great sensation throughout my body. ❞


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

❝ I did a breathwork session with Jason this morning. The whole experience felt very relaxed and powerful at the same time. Thoughts that come to my mind during breathwork come from a place of love within me rather than fear based from the outside world. ❞


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

❝ Jason is a great, experienced and positive person who always fully listens to you. He’s capable of providing an insight from various angles and leave the final decision on you. He taught me a lot and helped me to move on my journey. I recommend following his guided meditations and attend one of his events if you can. Thank you and keep doing your amazing and meaningful work! ❞


Playa del Carmen, Mexico