During this 5-minute Samadhi Breath, Breathwork Detox, you’ll use the power of your breath to release oxygen for removing stagnant energy in the body.

During an exhale retention, you use intermittent hypoxia to release more oxygen out of the lungs leaving more room for more nitric oxide.

The mitochondria of our cells not only provide the body with energy, but they directly influence stem cell differentiation.

As we age, the stem cells in our body lose their ability to differentiate as efficiently. 

During an exhale retention, you trick the brain to think it’s dying, essentially rebooting the system.

You’re not in danger, but you trigger dormant stem cells in the body for healing and regeneration.

In this quick and easy energized breathwork you’ll breath in rhythm through your nose and out your mouth and then hold your breath on an exhalation.

You can detox by removing stagnant energy in the body, clear nasal and sinus congestion, and move from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system to get yourself into a state of peace, tranquility, and calm.

Breath slowly in through your nose, fully into your belly, shoulders and chest. Exhale slowly out your mouth.

Watch the video below for a preview, click here to get the full version of the Samadhi Breath, 5-Minute Breathwork Detox.