Hey guys, Jason here, Samadhi Breath. Today, I thought I would welcome you into my home here in beautiful Playa Del Carmen and introduce you to a little bit of breathwork.

So many of us have every one of us most likely on this planet have some stress, anxiety, trauma from the past, maybe not extreme, but we all have something right, something that needs clearing—some blockage, or something.

And I believe, as a gay man myself, we have unique challenges in our lives that our heterosexual counterparts don’t necessarily experience.

It’s just to say that I am going through my own experiences, having to go through my healing journey, that other like-minded men need the same kind of healing.

There’s plenty of substance abuse, addiction, sex addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and there’s depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress—all that exists. And it exists for everybody, regardless of your orientation.

Simple Breathing Technique for Gay Men’s Health and Wellness

As a gay man, and a certified SOMA Breath instructor, I choose to share this medicine with like-minded gay men, and it’s what I know.

And so today, I want to share with you an excellent and simple breathwork technique. It’s super easy!

For example, when someone or something outside triggers you, you want to catch that trigger before those emotions escalate and before you become reactive. This lesson is something I’ve always had to work very diligently on in my life.

So I want to teach you a simple breathing technique that will help you get from the sympathetic over to the parasympathetic nervous system. In other words, it gets you in that calm state, and this very easy, light breathing technique.

Simple Breathing Technique for Gay Men’s Health and Wellness

Simple Breathing Technique, Step-by-Step

  1. I believe “you are your own medicine, and that you create your reality. So you might as well create a life you love.” You can use the power of your breath—get yourself out of that sympathetic over to the parasympathetic nervous system—and by doing so, you get yourself into that calm, coherent state.
  2. And when you do that, you move healing chemicals throughout the body, and you change from those fight or flight chemicals to the healing chemicals of melatonin and serotonin.
  3. First, you move the electrical energy through the lower dantian, your area of grounding and preservation to the earth, up through the heart center, or the middle dantian.
  4. The middle dantian is the area of love and compassion; this is also our area of breath. And, and this is where we keep what keeps us going right.
  5. And then you move that energy up through the vagus nerve into the midbrain—this is your upper dantian, and it’s the area of intellect, wisdom, and knowledge. Of course, this is also your connection to “Source,” “God,” or the “Universe”—whatever word you want to call it.
  6. The word water doesn’t heal, and it’s the water itself, the substance, not the word that heals.
  7. And then we bring that energy back down.
  8. First, slow your breath, breathing slowly in through the nose, fully into the belly—breathe 30% into the stomach, expanding your belly out like a baby, like babies breathe full belly breaths, 60% into the chest, and 10% into the shoulders—this is a full yogic breath.
  9. Then, exhale out your mouth.

It’s effortless, and in fact, you can do this simple breathwork technique almost anywhere, any time—day or night.