Living in paradise can be an illusion of the mind if you’re still in a prison to your thoughts.

Living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, you’d think it’s be the easy life. Go the beach everyday, swim cenotes, visit the ruins, enjoy local seafood tacos, drink margarita, party.

Yeah, that’s tourist life. And it’s easy to start taking for granted very quickly.

For me, living in paradise has been a slow and grueling spiritual healing journey inward.

I spend more time in my apartment with my emotional support dog and golden retriever, Mila. Believe me, she’d love to be at the beach far more often.

I’m a creature of habit. And breaking old habits and routines has not been easy… this much I can tell you for sure.

I’ve had to learn many important lesson, especially, and probably most important: patience.

Living a Prison in Paradise, or ‘Maya’ the Illusion of the Mind

It is a blessing to live here and one I try not to take for granted. But I’ve learned this much for sure:

There is no right way to heal the heart. Each of our spiritual healing journeys is unique. Mine has forced me to face my shadows, isolate myself in my apartment dealing with insecurities, anxiety, and depression.

When Spiritual Healing Can Feel Like a Prison in Paradise

Some days it can quite literally feel like a prison in paradise.

Committing to healing takes time. It takes patience. And there is no right way. But as someone once said to me: as long as you don’t give up, as long as you keep showing up for yourself, and as long as you keep trying… you will get there.

Spirituality has become a combination of creative living with overcoming adversities.

My goal is to be in service, with loving awareness to help other like-minded gay men (and our allie’s) on their spiritual healing journey. 

Do I have it right? Am I successful? I supposed if I’ve helped just one person, than yes. That’s a good measure of success. 

Everyday the sky looks more blue, the sea looks more inviting, and my community feels more cohesive.

Give yourself patience brothers and sister, have patience. It may look dark some days, but we can’t see the stars without darkness.