I’m Jason Samadhi, Heart-Center Creator—breathwork facilitator, artist, designer, blogger—a multi-dimensional kind of guy.

I recently committed to stepping into my purpose in facilitating breathwork and transformational healing for other gay men. And I think that this is something that became possible, in part because of COVID.

Since the pandemic’s beginning, I think many of us have started asking a lot more questions and going inward.

Being gay is part of who I am; it’s what I know. So, I finally decided, you know what, I’m going to go for this.

Today, I’m focusing on breathwork healing for gay men’s wellness and mental health because I believe we have unique mental, emotional, spiritual needs. We have our own unique experiences that our heterosexual counterparts don’t necessarily have.

These experiences are, in part, because we are in a rather typically machismo culture in the gay community. Having the right body image is a big deal. And sometimes, especially in the online dating world, we’re prone to things like loneliness, stress, anxiety, depression, all possible.

And unfortunately, in this community, higher statistics of suicide.

So we have plenty of good reasons why we can’t all step up our game support, heal, and help each other.

Breathwork for Gay Men’s Wellness, an Inward Journey

It’s not an easy journey, and it’s not like we can all go out and save the world. The only way we can do that is to go inward and save ourselves and then take that back out and share our gifts or passion or love, whatever is our calling with the rest of the world, and I think that’s how we change the world.

Today, you’re going to use your sexual energy. When I say that, what I mean is that it is your sacral energy. And when you do breathwork today, we’re going to go all the way up through your seven chakras, which are the body’s seven main energy centers.

Tantra Breathwork Healing for Gay Men’s Wellness and Mental Health

Sacred Sexual Healing for Gay Men’s Wellness

Your sexual energy, or your creative life force, literally resides in your sexual organs. In this video, I’ll give you a brief overview of your seven primary chakras and how we’ll physiologically move that electrical energy up through your heart and then out your crown chakra (the top of your head) to manifest and create a life you love.

You are moving electrical energy up your vagus nerve through the organs up through the chakras into the heart, giving your intention love. Then, as we get to the meditation at the end, release your intention out to the universe to manifest or create your reality or let it go.

So, if you have something you want just to let go of today, you want to release a blockage. Okay? Also, when you do breathwork, you’re triggering stem cells that are dormant in the bone marrow.

Tantra Breathwork Healing for Gay Men’s Wellness and Mental Health

Gay Men’s Wellness—Healing Mind, Body & Soul

Depending on the intention you set, if your example, your intention is physical or physiological.

For example, say you have a cut on your knee—and you were to focus and put tension in there. In theory, you’re sending electrical pulses from your brains, telling your heart to say to the body to send the healing directly to your knee.

The sympathetic nervous system is where most of us are right now. It’s the beta brainwave state—the fight or flight state. It’s the shallow breathing that most of us do day in, day out—when you’re talking, when you’re walking, if you’re not conscious of your breath, you’re shallow breathing in your upper chest.

Nowadays, we run away from the ding, ding, ding on our cell phone, we run away from the boss, we’re all in a hurry somewhere. So many things, so many distractions in life, right? That keeps us in that sympathetic nervous system.

When we get coherent in our breath, we slow down and get into heart-mind coherence; the heart has brain-like cells.

You know this, when you walk into a room, you see a guy on the other side of the room. And maybe you think he’s good-looking, and you kind of feel that vibe; you’re like, ‘hey, who’s that?”

Your heart already made the connection before your brain did.

The opposite is true too. If there’s someone across the room and they are in a bad mood or having a bad day, and you’re like, “what’s up with him?”

Tantra Breathwork Healing for Gay Men’s Wellness and Mental Health
“Vitruvian Man and the Flower of Life” (Digital art by Jason Samadhi).

Your Breath—Where Science Meets Ancient Wisdom

That’s because the heart feels that does read this dissonance in vibration. And so it’s not just esoteric.

This stuff is physiological, and it comes from the HeartMath Institute.

In this video, I will share guided breathing meditation with you, and I’ll explain how to do all of the complete yogic body breathing, rhythmic breathing, and breath retentions.

We’re going to do three rounds of rhythmic breathing, followed by three rounds of breath retentions, for about a minute, each round.

After the three rounds, you’ll go 10-minute meditation—this will be your time to go where your spirit wants to take you.

When you do any deep breathing and set your intention on healing and transformation, it is quite possible that something emotional, physical, physiological, or spiritual during breathwork.

During this breathwork healing for gay men’s wellness and mental health, I invite you to permit yourself to surrender and allow whatever wants to come up because this journey is for you.

You might work through any depression, anxiety, or stress, all that’s possible.

You can also have astral projections; your brain can go somewhere else during this experience.