In this 36-minute Samadhi Breath, Crown Chakra Activation Breathwork Meditation, you’ll discover how powerful a creator you are, and indeed, you can create and live a life you love.

The crown chakra is our divine connection to source. Interesting, the crown chakra also takes us right back to where we started, grounding ourselves to create and live a life we love.

Whether we’re talking about something physiological, emotional, or spiritual, metaphysical like your light body, physical body, emotional body, here, we pull it all together.

On the final day of this seven-day breathwork experience, you’re going to use your crown chakra and release your intention out into the universe.

Surrender and connect to the divine source that dwells in every one of us. You are a powerful creator, and indeed, you can create and live a life you love. It is your divine birthright.

How can this Crown Chakra Chakra Activation Breathwork Experience help?

Breathwork is a safe and healthy way to release trapped emotions, patterns and impressions that do not serve you and transform sexual energy into spiritual energy to allow healing and awakening.

Your body will be flooded with vital energy during this deep breathing practice. It can result in releases of pain, shame, guilt, and numbness, as well as ecstatic feelings of laughter, pleasure and joy.

You could feel unchained, orgasmic, or something in between or beyond. Everything is welcome. We provide safe spaces for expansion and communion with the divine, going on an inner journey.

What are the benefits of a breathwork experience? With breathwork, you can:

  • boosting your immune system
  • improving concentration
  • improving your mental well-being
  • increasing willpower
  • increasing your energy
  • managing some fibromyalgia symptoms
  • relieving some symptoms of depression
  • relieving stress
  • improving sleep
  • and, so much more!

Crown Chakra Activation Breathwork Meditation, "Live a Life You Love," Samadhi Breath

Your breath—where science meets ancient wisdom tradition.

During this throat chakra activation breathwork experience, you’ll use pranayama rhythmic breathing and kumbhaka breath retentions to increase your energy and help you focus on the good feelings necessary to manifest your intention positively.

Increase Energy, Health, and Well-Being. Pranayama rhythmic breathing and kumbhaka breath retentions awaken dormant parts of the brain.

As well, deep breathing calms your nervous system, increases cognitive function, and raising your energetic vibration.

[Video] Preview the 36-minute Crown Chakra Activation Breathwork Experience

Part of the Samadhi Breath 7-Day Breathwork Experience

This 36-minute Crown Chakra Activation Breathwork, “Live a Life You Love” is part of the Samadhi Breath 7-Day Breathwork Experience.

During the Samadhi Breath 7-Day Breathwork Experience you’ll expand into your full potential using the power of your breath for personal transformation to achieve peak performance

Unleash your peak performance by leveraging the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet to create a life you love—your breath.

You are your own medicine and you create your reality. During the 7-Day Breathwork Experience, use the power of your breath and creative life force energy to create a life you love.

The Samadhi Breath 7-Day Breathwork Experience combines ancient breathing techniques and modern science to help you increase your energy, achieve peak performance, and breathe your bliss.

Each days lesson is provided by video and a downloadable MP4 audio file (yours to keep). To learn more, click here.