SOMA Breath® Breathwork Instructor Training

Unlock Your Potential Impacting Others

SOMA Breath® Breathwork Instructor Training provides the freedom to live and work with the fulfillment of creating a life-transforming impact for others.

SOMA Breath®

SOMA Breath® Breathwork Instructor Training

Breathwork & Breath Therapy

The SOMA Breath® methodology is based on traditional yoga that we have demystified and brought up to date with scientific evidence. All well-known breathwork styles have equivalent Pranayama techniques fueled by thousands of years of wisdom. In this world-class breathwork training, you will:

World-Class Breathwork Training

  • Be trained with a toolbox of the most effective and evidence-based Pranayama techniques.
  • Understand the exact application of each breathing exercise, when to use the right technique (and when not to use it) with your clients.
  • Have the skills to prepare your clients to go deeper with the more powerful and intense breathwork styles for a safer and more therapeutic experience.

SOMA Breath® Music Technology Therapy

  • SOMA Breaths® popular therapeutic music technology revolutionises wellness and is crafted by world-class musicians.
  • It is currently used by the world’s leading transformational schools – Wim Hof Method, Marisa Peer (RTT), Mindvalley and top wellness spas like Rituals.

You will have a license to use this same technology to:

  • Create deeper, more transformational experiences for your clients in any modality, from meditation to yoga and more.
  • Create a revenue stream by crafting your own unique transformational experiences for your clients.

Holistic Health Coaching

Get a proven holistic health framework to help your clients develop the right nutrition, exercise, meditation, and lifestyle habits.

When combined with all the other modalities you learn, you can also help your clients release any blockages so they can finally make positive lifestyle shifts that they can stick to.

By training in holistic health coaching:

  • You will enter into the fastest growing industry right now
  • Become skilled in creating lifelong results and relationships with your clients.
  • Build a foundation to create a long term sustainable income that is both rewarding and lucrative.

SOMA Breath® Ayurvedic Training

“Average health indicators” do NOT mean they are optimal for everyone!

Holistic health is not one-size-fits-all. Every individual has a personal energy type. By learning the Ayurvedic system, you’ll become skilled in identifying and adapting your coaching to different energy types.

The foundation of Ayurvedic principles allows you to:

  • Easily and confidently design a journey custom-fit to your client’s personal energy.
  • Guide your clients to restore personal balance, activate self-healing, and reach THEIR optimal health.

Proven Coaching Frameworks

You will also receive two proven frameworks for coaching your clients based on our best-selling programs:

  • SOMA BreathFit
  • 21 Day Awakening Protocol.

SOMA Breath® Breathwork Instructor Training

Unlock Your Potential Impacting Others

Join the global tribe of SOMA Breath® Instructors and who absolutely love waking up every day with the freedom to call the shots on how they want to work and the fulfillment of using their gifts to create a life-transforming impact for others.