During this 6-Minute Samadhi Breath, Breathwork “Sacred Chant of OM Meditation,” you’ll learn basic “SOMA Breath” breathing techniques and the 3 primary flow centers of the body (or dantians).

Begin today’s meditation by getting comfortable.  You can either choose to sit or lie down.  Either way, make sure that your spine is straight, and hands are comfortably by your side.

Before you do this energized breathwork meditation, I’d like to show you the very simple breathing technique.

You’ll be doing a series of rhythmic breathing, the music will guide you when to breathe in and when to breathe out. You’re just going to follow along with the rhythm of the music and the guidance.

The inhalation should be full, deep breaths into your belly, through both your nostrils.

And on the exhalation, breathe out through your mouth, just letting go with no force, and keeping it smooth, connected, and consistent.

There should be no pauses between your inhale and your exhale.

Learn the Sacred Chant of OM (or, AUM)

After a few minutes of rhythmic breaths, you’ll be guided to take a deep inhalation in, and exhale with the sacred chant of “OM.” Like this, “Aaaah-Ooooh-Hmmmm.”

The three syllables of the sacred chant of “OM” focus your awareness:

  • The “Aaaah” to your creative glands, your sex, and your digestive system.
  • The “Ooooh” brings your awareness to your heart and your thymus gland.
  • And, the “Hmmmm,” brings awareness to your third eye, your pineal gland, and your pituitary gland.

At the end of the sacred chant of “OM,” you’ll go into a breath retention by exhaling any remaining air from your lungs. You can follow the “OM” by making a hissing sound as you exhale. And then, hold on the exhale and just completely relax.

And, again, following along with the instructions, or when you get the big urge, you’ll be guided to take a deep inhalation.

As you inhale, breathing fully into your belly, you’ll pull up your pelvic floor. Squeezing the muscles around your genitals and your sphincter, this is called a Muhla Banda energy lock. It activates your creative life-force energy.

And as you hold your breath in, imagine shooting this energy up into your heart-center, focusing your intention of compassion, love, and gratitude for your intention.

Before you begin this 6-minute Samadhi Breath, Sacred Chant of OM Breathwork Meditation, it’s a good idea to do it on an empty stomach to get the full effect. You can do it once or twice a day, but don’t overdo it.

Be mindful of breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth to maintain a nice circuit of breath. Try to avoid breathing in through your mouth.

In some cases, you might get tingly sensations in your fingers, hands, legs, or feet.  You might even feel a bit cramped up. There’s nothing to be worried about, this is perfectly normal.

[Video] 6-Min. “Sacred Chant of OM Meditation

Click here to start the 6-minute Samadhi Breath, Sacred Chant of OM Breathwork Meditation.