Breathing is an integral part of life and an essential part of yoga and meditation. Life is just a series of inhales and exhales. When we focus our breath with a mantra, like the sacred chant of “OM, we invite ease and flow into our lives.

With a daily meditation practice using ancient pranayama breathing techniques and a mantra, we expand, enhance, and energize our creativity.

Scientific research has shown a daily meditation practice increases mental resilience by stimulating the neocortex and improves our overall emotional intelligence.

In this 10-minute guided breathwork OM meditation, learn sacred pranayama breathing techniques to energize your creativity.

OM Meditation and Setting an Intention

In today’s meditation, we’re going to start by setting an intention.

Please make yourself comfortable. Whether it’s sitting down in a chair or lying down, either one is fine. Place your hands over your heart and just set an intention. Whatever you’d like, this is for you.

Take a big deep full breath through your nose into your belly, set your intention, and when you’re ready, exhale out your mouth.

10-Minute Breathwork OM Meditation to Energize Your Creativity

To Start the OM Meditation, Take 3 Cleansing Breaths

In this OM meditation, we’re going to do the first three cleansing breaths, followed by three, full-body, full breaths into your belly. We’re going to do our three cleansing breaths. Shake it out. Let out any bad energy, bad vibes, any bad energy in your body.

We’re going to do retention, and on the exhale, we’re going to utilize the sacred chant of “Om.”

We’re going to repeat this three times, and on the third in retention, we’re going to hold as long as we can, and then we’ll release with another sacred chant of “Om.”

And, among other things, this will energize and move your creative energy from your sacral chakra, or your sex, your life force energy, up into your heart, and then into your third eye.

Mula Bandha, The Ancient Pranayama Energy Lock

Based on the intention that you set, we will move that energy and connect it out. First, in the video, I’ll show you the breathwork techniques. It’s rather simple.

You’re going to breathe fully into your belly, expanding your chest, bringing back your shoulders, breathing in through your nose.

And as you exhale, you’re going to squeeze your Mula Bandha, or as if you have to go to the bathroom, hold your pee, hold your sphincter, and hold it.

So, you’re going to take a big deep breath in, in your belly expand, and your chest, bring back your shoulders and exhale, squeezing your Mula Bandha on the exhale.

10-Minute Breathwork OM Meditation to Energize Your Creativity

Your Dantians and OM Meditation Chanting

For the sacred chant of “Om,” we are going to break this up into three parts, or your three Dantian.

First, your lower Dantian, lower sex, and stomach are your creative life force energy.

When you begin the “Om,” it starts with the sound of “Aaaa.” And, this vibration of the part of the “Om” triggers your creative energy.

The second is your area of the heart and your chest; this is your preservation area of the body, where we feel expressions of love.

Move it up into the heart and adjust the tone to an “Oooo.”

And then, followed by that, we’re going to adjust it again, move the chant into your mind, triggering the intellect.Move that energy up through your heart and then into your mind.

And, we’re going to do a vibration of “Mmmm.”

And if you want to extend this, you can not only close your eyes but take your tongue, stick it to the roof of your mouth, and point your eyes to your third eye.

And then, bring it all together: “Aaaa” “Oooo” “Mmmm.”

Video: 10-Minute Guided Breathwork OM Meditation

Watch the video below to learn these straightforward breathwork techniques that you can integrate into your daily meditation practice. Incorporating a mantra like the sacred chant of “OM,” you can easily energize your creativity in just minutes a day.

When you’re finished with meditation, feel free to come back and share your experience in the comments below.