In this guided breathwork mediation, you’re going to breathe into uncertainty. There is a lot going on in the world, a pandemic, wars in the world. Sometimes we feel very unsure what is going on in our lives.

When we have uncertainty, we have fear. We get stressed and anxious. Today we are going to do a breathwork session and embrace that as part of life. And transmute that into matters of the heart with loving awareness.

And this applies to all areas of our lives. Life keeps moving forward. When we are trying to find a new job, for example, and you need to provide for our family, there can be this uncertainty. And this can create fear and anxiety.

Set Your Intention on “Breathe into Uncertainty” to Release Fear and Anxiety

In this guided breathwork meditation (you’ll experience two rounds of rhythmic breathing and breath retentions), you’re going to breathe into uncertainty and embrace it as part of life. In reality, uncertainty is change and change is the only constant in the universe.

So, if we breathe into uncertainty, embrace it for what it is, and accept it as part of life, we can move back into that place of stillness.

As Eckard Tolle said, we can become observer of those thoughts, feelings, and sensations. And realize we are not that, that observer, that divine connection to source. We are not those thoughts, feelings, or sensations.

[VIDEO] 36-Min. Breathwork Meditation: Breathe Into Uncertainty

In this 36-minute Samadhi Breath guided breathwork meditation, you’ll focus your intention on “breathe into uncertainty” to let go of fear and stress of change.

About your guided: Jason Samadhi currently reside in Puerto Vallarta. While living in Mexico, Jason experienced several ancestral medicines. Finally, he realized that the breath brought me to the most potent medicine always available within. Feeling called to share this treasure with the world, Jason Samadhi became a certified SOMA Breath® breathwork instructor.

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