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7 Chakra Activation Breathwork to Supercharge the Creative Process

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7 Chakra Activation Breathwork to Supercharge the Creative Process

Today, we are talking about the creative process. Well, this seems somewhat self-evident, right? I was doing a little research on Google. And first, I thought, well, let’s look at it in the traditional sense. I found that the creative process is “the evolution of an idea from its final form, through the progression of thoughts and actions.”

When I talk about creativity, I always like to preface that creativity isn’t just about music, design, or art. It’s about how we creatively problem solve the challenges in our lives.

So when you get an idea, whether it’s a project, you’re working on, or you’re doing something for work or something in your life.

Traditional Definition of the Creative Process

The creative process is when we get that idea, like when we are washing the dishes, and suddenly we have that “aha moment,” as Oprah likes to call it, that creative inspiration hits. Then, we go through a series of steps, a process.

7 Chakra Activation Breathwork to Supercharge the Creative Process

I found a great creative process graphic to illustrate this that comes from The graph says:

1) We identify a goal
2) We gather input
3) We clarify challenge(s)
4) We generate ideas
5) We prototype
6) We plan for action
7) We implement
8) And, we evaluate.

7 Chakra Activation to Supercharge the Creative Process

But, today, I want to focus on the creative process as far as what we go through physiologically, through the chakras, and the body, during the creative process.

  1. Get grounded. Grounding happens in our Root chakra. When we start the creative process, first, we have to get grounded.
  2. Charge your creativity. Move up into the creative life force energy of the Sacral chakra.
  3. Commit. as we continue moving the energy up, we go into the Solar Plexus Chakra, our area of will, discipline, and commitment.
  4. Give it love! Next, take our creative life force energy up into the heart center, and give it love. The color green is often associated with money and abundance. It’s also the color of Heart Chakra, which is all about love, gratitude, and compassion.
  5. Express Yourself. And so, as we continue moving through the creative process, we move into the Throat Chakra, which is the color of like sky blue. This chakra is our area of expression and communication from the ears to the mouth. It helps us to communicate and get our ideas out into the world.
  6. Use your head. Then, we move up to the Third Eye Chakras, the pineal gland, and the midbrain. Here, we give our creativity that intuition, wisdom, and intellectual juice of the mind. We can think intellectually; we can organize, plan, and then the creative side of the brain sort of paints the bigger picture.
  7. Let it go! Finally, and here’s the interesting thing about the creative process. And, every artist will tell you: once you start with an idea, you have to put it out into the world. Right? The ability to take that divine creative energy and let it go! And that’s the true gift of an artist.

The Secret to Completing the Creative Process—Let it Go!

Essentially, through the Crown Chakra, we release it, send it out to the universe, and let it go. Because guess what? It no longer belongs to you.

The final product of your creative process belongs to the rest of the world, the universe, for others to reflect on, enjoy, appreciate, and integrate into their experience.

And that’s the piece where we often get stuck. We get trapped because of fear. We’re worried about what people think. Are they going to like it? Is it good enough?

And when that doubt and fear comes in, we end up going all the way back down to the root chakra. So we can get grounded and confident.

So, in today’s guided breathwork meditation, we’re going to do a short two-round breathwork meditation. We’re just going to go right up through the chakras. You can use this as symbolically as preparation for the creative process in anything you create in life.

After the breathwork meditation, I invite you to head over to There, you will find my Seven Chakra Activation, Breathwork Meditation Online Course. It’s free to try for seven days! And, best of all, it will take you through this whole process.

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